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What I Learned From (WILF) 2008

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Robert Hruzkek, who blogs at Middle Zone Musings is hosting a Blogapalooza wherein he’s inviting folks to submit guest posts around the theme What I Learned From 2008 from blogging. Since I spent a lot of time reviewing posts and thinking about it, checking the links, etc.,to why not post it here? All of the links are to my first blog, which, as I noted, I am now using for my work with teachers in my district.

I created my first blog on October 19, 2007 at a technology tools workshop under the guidance of Jim Wenzloff, who was a technology consultant at Macomb Intermediate School District before retiring later that year. That was also when I learned about this whole “Web 2.0” thing, opening my eyes to many new tools and opportunities. At first I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to blog about, or even if I’d be good at it. In 2008 I only posted a few times a month, and sometimes I didn’t post at all. But I have learned a lot. This list is a combination of WILF and favorites. Now that I think about it, maybe I learned the most from my favorite posts.

January: Who knows what happened?

February: Getting “Hooked” on Writing In this post I learned the value of linking, as the company I linked to commented on my blog and added me to their blogroll—my first connection out in the blogosphere!

March: Blogging and Student Writing I learned that students and teachers can have meaningful, engaging dialogue through a blog, and loved watching them grow as writers. This blog is proof that giving students an audience for writing helps them find their voice. Gessika became one of my favorites.

April: Spring Break!

May: Another Classroom Blog This is the blog of a special education teacher in one of my buildings. It provided me with another opportunity to interact with students and teachers, connecting literacy to technology.

June: Making a Difference I think this is the point in my blogging where I started to become more reflective in my posts, and have the courage to put my beliefs “out there” for the world to see.

July: Breaking “Rules”

August: Vacation!

September: Less is More With this post I learned if you want people to comment, invite them! I sent an email to some folks (this was BT—Before Twitter) with the link to the post and voila! Comments!

October: How to Get More from the Web? Twitter!!! I think the title says it all.

November: Who’s Your Colleague? This post showed me that I do have a voice and I’m coming into my own as a blogger. My evidence? I received a DM from a follower who said “after reading [this post] I feel like I know you.”

December: A Powerful Experience The power of technology and 24/7 on-demand PD.

Bonus: Imagination…Is it for Kids Anymore? I figured out why The Secret Garden was my favorite book as a child.


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