E-flections of an Educator

Lessons from the Barkhunt

Posted on: May 25, 2009


Oreo checking out ilovedogs.com

I first started on Twitter to connect with other educators, and quickly grew a PLN of fabulous educators from around the country. Somewhere along the line I connected with some dogs and their people, and learned about #barkhunt. Barkhunt is billed as “Twitter’s first scavenger hunt gone to the dogs.” Think road rally. Only online. With a canine theme. The organizer/sponsors are @askspikeonline, @fourleggedmedia, @pawluxury, @bestbullysticks.

In Round 1 and Round 2 I won great prizes from @pawluxury. Click here and here for pictures of my dogs enjoying their loot. They loved them both! The Good Dog peanut butter and jelly treats are tiny and easy to break in half for training purposes. PawLuxury also uses eco-friendly packaging! I was so excited to be in 5th place at the end of Round 1, and even more excited to be in 4th place after Round 2. So I was really looking forward to Round 3 today.

Well, I seriously bombed today. Didn’t win a single clue. Not one. I’m sure I got some points, but I’ll be lucky to hold my position. And there are some really great grand prizes, too! I seriously thought of quitting. Giving up. Would I let a student give up? Of course not. So I stuck it out, tweeting frustration between clue answers, all the way through clue 15.

I also have a serious handicap. My camera is not compatible with my computer, so I have to take a picture, take out the card, put the card in the computer, upload the picture and tweet the link. Phew! Camera phone would be faster, and I do have one, but no data plan. 😦 So some folks had posted answers before I had barely got my card into my computer. Later this had me reflecting on students and the disparity in resources and experiences among children.

Now barkhunt is just for fun (and prizes!), and with education, much more is at stake. But still, as teachers, it is important to sometimes find ourselves in situations which may give us some empathy.

Enough reflection (with all due respect, @fisher1000). It’s not too late to join the fun of #barkhunt! DM @askspikeonline, and tell him you were referred by @Linda704.

And if you have a dog, or know someone who does, be sure to check out the websites of the barkhunt sponsors and prize sponsors by searching my diigo bookmarks tagged barkhunt.


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