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That’s One Small Step Toward Completion, One Giant Leap in Self-Confidence!

Posted on: July 19, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dissertation lately, and yesterday I wrote a post about setting goals and making a plan so I can graduate in May. I set–and met–my first SMART goal to complete the scoring of the SoCQ surveys (3 sets: pre mid & post) by 10 PM on Sunday. Beat it with 110 minutes to spare!  (Gave myself a little Twitter time as a reward!)

Tomorrow I have several errands to handle, including getting new “shoes” for my toy. (Which, of course will have to be taken out to break in the shoes!) While I’m waiting, I’ll spend time brainstorming my task list so I can have all my SMART goals and accompanying tadalists written by Friday. In terms of a goal that will be accomplished tomorrow, I have union report that will be completed before I go to bed. It may involve spending some time on the phone with Lansing, so wish me luck on that one! [7/20 PM UPDATE: Got quite a bit done on my lists today while waiting for my tires, and the report will wait until tomorrow, when I expect to hear back from tech support on problem with my import file.]

I have had so much anxiety and self-doubt about this whole dissertation thing in recent weeks. The meeting with my chair, plus this plan of setting goals and making lists is really helping me to focus and feel confident. (Getting the house organized & cleaned has helped too!)

Oh, and I have another motivation to really kick it over the next three weeks. My mom is coming up from South Carolina to visit for a week in August, and I want to be able to spend as much time with her as possible!

To all who have stopped by here, and/or tweeted comments on Twitter, I thank you for your support and encouragement. As always, I welcome your comments, feedback and insights. (I wonder if anyone has ever thanked their tweeples in their dissertation acknowledgements?)


1 Response to "That’s One Small Step Toward Completion, One Giant Leap in Self-Confidence!"

Good Morning!
Way to go my friend! I am looking into the goal-setting today! I have created a visual goal board for myself but also need to get a “kick” back into action as you say.
Thank you so much for sharing all with me.

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