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Planning the Work & Working the Plan

Posted on: July 24, 2009

Last week I wrote a few posts (here, here & here) about my dissertation progress and plans to graduate in May, 2010. In one of the posts I made some plans to write SMART goals, and create tadalists of tasks necessary to reach those goals; I also wrote I would have them completed by today.

The other day I had some time while waiting for the installation of new tires, so I brought along my ipod and a small notebook, and did some brainstorming. I set up different pages for each chapter to keep ideas organized. (I even did them in different colors–just for fun!) This evening I sat down and transferred the brainstorming from the notebook to tadalist.

I like tadlist (I even recommended it to @kditzler in response to her request for Web 2.0 tools for a teacher workshop) for many reasons:

  • Ease of use
  • Web-based (and NOT blocked at school!)
  • Lists can be shared with others (with or without permission to edit)
  • Items on lists can be edited and/or reordered
  • Items on lists can be added or deleted
  • When items are clicked as completed, they go to the bottom of the list

The first list I created is Dissertation Major Tasks. This serves as an over-arching list, and where target dates for completetion can be added or adjusted. Once that list was complete, I created lists for the first few items on the major task list.

I do have target dates for completion for the first 3 chapters, but I don’t believe I have enough knowledge at this point to have a target date for completion of data analysis, other than my contract for the semester indicates I am to work on it. As I go along, I will likely put some target dates for individual tasks, as that list is rather long.

So, anyone who is familiar with this process, I welcome your thoughts and feedback on my lists. Am I missing anything? (I realize some of the items are rather cryptic, but they do have meaning to me.) tia.


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