E-flections of an Educator

One More Hurdle Cleared

Posted on: September 20, 2009

Today is a momentous day! After many starts and stutters, and stops and frustrations, I sent off Chapter 1 of my dissertation to my committee chair. While by no means is it “finished” I feel really good about it. I’m looking forward to the feedback and getting the chapter tweaked and finalized.

Chapter 2, the review of literature, should be easier as my comprehensive exam question will form the bulk of it. I just need to add a couple of sections for the concepts added for the dissertation study. While I haven’t read my lit review lately, I’m thinking it’s at least 50% good to go.

I had set a goal to have chapters 1 & 2 complete by the end of August, and I really got into a funk and down on myself for a while. But all of that has changed tonight! It is going to feel so good tomorrow and report that I had an awesome weekend because this monkey is finally off my back!! (I think my chiropractor will be happy to hear that!)

I think a little reward is in order. I’ve had my eye on this cute pair of green sandals; if they are still at the store, they are so mine!

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