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Wiki or Weebly?

Posted on: January 17, 2010

In March of this year I’m presenting, with my colleague Amber, at the Michigan Reading Association Annual Conference at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The title of our presentation is “Parents as Partners in Early Literacy Development” and you can read a description  in the Conference at a Glance. I have presented at MRA on two other occasions, and I’m very excited about this year’s conference.

Aside from the excitement of presenting, I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the folks from  my Twitter network face-to-face, like LeeAnn Moore, Theresa Regan, Troy Hicks, Sara Beauchamp-Hicks. (If I missed anyone, @ me so I can add you!!) I’m also excited to learn even more from my friend Karen Chichester, who is presenting “Engaging Language Arts Learners with Newer Technologies” on Monday of the conference. And I cannot forget reconnecting with my 8th grade social studies teacher, and Twitter mentor, Jim Wenzloff!

We have nearly completed the presentation, which will include background information, as well as pictures and video of events. We are “going green” and not doing any handouts, save for a bookmark with a url to a site where the presentation and resources will be available.

Which leads me to the blogpost title. I have an active Weebly site, and I’m super-familiar and comfy with that format. But I think a Wiki may be a better way to go. Or is it? Why or why not? Pros/cons? A little help from my friends will be much appreciated. tia


2 Responses to "Wiki or Weebly?"

A wiki (I would suggest http://PBWorks.com) won’t do much more for you than your Weebly site. It may be easier to update information, but won’t allow you some of the design functionality you have. A wiki is a “quick quick” web site. It is very easy to add new pages and link to them, to upload content (pdfs, photos, etc.).

But if you want to use it for collaboration, allowing others to add content to the site, then you want to go with a wiki.

Thanks, Craig! I’m thinking a lot about collaboration lately, hence the question. I’d have to go with wikispaces, though, as pbworks is blocked in my district. 😦

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