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I’m Not In It to Win It, I’m In It for You

Posted on: August 6, 2010

My contribution to Leadership Day 2010. (Better late than never!)

The title of this post is a line from a song by Train, performed this morning on Today. Catchy little perky tune. I was working through clearing my Google Reader and half-listening to the TV, so I didn’t really catch the rest of the lyrics, other than to know it’s a love song. But for some reason, the line “I’m not in it to win it I’m in it for you” jumped out at me.

It got me thinking about great educators I know, both personally and through Twitter. They put students first, and stand up for what is best. Sometimes that means going against status quo.

I really think this line applies to leaders. George Couros is one who comes to mind. I read his tweets, and his blog and I get a really good idea of who he is, even though I’ve never met him. George strikes me as one who would do anything for his staff in the name of students, he puts them first.

I think about the paraprofessionals I work with on out literacy team. As a district, we have certain processes for our literacy intervention programs, and sometimes teachers don’t necessarily agree with some of the processes. (To be fair, this number is minimal now, as we have built understanding, but I’m using this example to make my point.) We always told the literacy paraprofessionals to “blame us” so they wouldn’t have to take the heat from an unhappy teacher. The paras would relay the information to us, and we would then talk to the teacher.

I’m sure there are many examples of leaders who fought “higher-ups” at their own expense for the benefit of their teachers and students. Do you have one to share?


5 Responses to "I’m Not In It to Win It, I’m In It for You"

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Linda Clinton, Linda Clinton. Linda Clinton said: My (late) contribution to #leadershipday10 http://bit.ly/a2xJrh […]

Wow Linda!

I am go glad that we connected and I really appreciate the kind words you wrote about me in your post. I really believe that is important to show who we are as educators to be good examples to our students so it is nice to know that you can tell I always put students first. That is why we are there right?

As for a story that I could tell about my bosses, I don’t have any that aren’t positive. I can gladly say that my attitude of putting kids first was taught to me by them. They have shown me so much in my career and role model what I need to be as a “boss” at my school. I have been shown that we need to say “yes” to our staff more often and trust them to move our schools forward. Yes they might screw up, but that is part of the risk taking environment that we want to create. I want this to trickle down to students where there are also able to take advantages with their work and pursue their dreams. Hopefully I am being a role model for all of this.

Thanks again for your kind comments!

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[…] Couros Michael Doyle Lori Centerbar Kevin Hodgson Glenn Moses Linda Clinton Elona Hartjes Darren Kuropatwa Kelly Hines Karen S. Dea Conrad-Curry Zac Chase Angela Maiers Chris […]

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