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Posted on: October 6, 2012

  • “Why do so many students continue to struggle with reading even after interventions? Recent studies point out that the common approaches to reading interventions may be part of the problem. Drill and practice for mastery, the approach taken by many reading interventions, may yield short-term results. However, students need the ability to retain, apply, and generalize skills and cognitive research indicates that a different approach, and a different learning model, the Varied Practice Model can be more effective.

    Students struggle with reading for lots of reasons. While vocabulary and language deficits often play a role in reading difficulties, persistently struggling readers often lack the automaticity of word and phrase recognition required for fluency and comprehension.

    In this series we’ll explore four populations of students that struggle with reading, and how the Varied Practice approach has helped. Each session will be hosted by Carolyn Brown along with Bob McMurray, and will feature a different educator who has used varied practice techniques with that population. You’ll learn from the educators themselves about the theory behind the practice, and how and why these students can finally achieve success in school districts like yours. We hope you’ll join us for this informative series on a new approach to solving the critical issues of struggling readers.”

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  • Training resources–video, downloads, and posts–for DataDirector.

    tags: training video webinar DataDirector data

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