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Posted on: December 14, 2013

  • “‘The Tragedy of the Hmong’ is dedicated to understanding the Hmong people in the United States and the tragic events that brought them here. Few people know their history, their role in fighting for the US in the Vietnam War, and the challenges they face now. The Hmong people have a story of courage and suffering that the world needs to know.” Includes links to other resources.

    tags: Hmong ell ESL history

  • Free physics, astronomy, math, and general science books.

    tags: curriculum science books Physics math ebooks

  • “The authors describe a tutoring program targeted at Hmong college students, examining the personal characteristics and tutorial strategies that work most successfully in advancing the learning of this student population.”

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

  • Note: some of the information is cut off in the PDF document, but it still contains helpful information as well as links to additional resources.

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

  • An informative article with a lot of information. Sections include:
    ~ History
    ~ Myths, Legends, & Folktales
    ~ Holidays
    ~ Language
    ~ Family & Community Dynamics
    ~ Religion

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

  • “Hmong American Partnership (HAP) is the largest Hmong organization in Minnesota. Based in Saint Paul, HAP provides Hmong and other refugee communities with services and support to help them adjust to life in America and maximize available opportunities. Since its inception in 1990, HAP has steadily grown from offering just a few programs focused on providing refugee resettlement services to several hundred persons, to becoming a full-fledged social service agency with programs serving several thousand community members each year.”

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

  • “Welcome to the Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center – the only comprehensive research portal site devoted to the advance of
    Hmong Studies. This website is the home of the peer reviewed Hmong Studies Journal, the most authoritative and widely cited
    academic journal with a focus on Hmong Studies. The Hmong Studies Journal has published 12 volumes and more than 90 scholarly
    articles since 1996. An online, open access journal, the Hmong Studies Journal is also disseminated to scholars and students
    through content sharing agreements with EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete, ProQuest’s Ethnic NewsWatch, Asia-Studies
    Full-Text, H.W. Wilson’s Social Science Full-Text and several Gale/Cengage databases.

    This website is also a source of comprehensive bibliographic information about studies of Hmong history, culture, and adaptation in
    diasporic communities around the world. The site also includes detailed Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, and Vietnamese census data from
    the U.S. Census as well as bibliographies. This website has existed since October 2001 and has received a 5 star rating of “Essential”
    Scholarly Usefulness from the Asian Studies WWW Monitor website. Hmong Cultural Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota has been a
    partner in developing some of the content on this website over the past several years. Many of the materials featured in the
    bibliographies on this site may be found in the Hmong Cultural Center Resource Library.”

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

  • “Although a large population of Hmong is centralized in the mid-west and California, the background of this culture is often a mystery or is misunderstood by many Americans. So, who are the Hmong people? How did they arrive on American shores? What are their hardships?

    Below is a brief bit of history of these courageous people, highlighting some struggles of both their past and present circumstances. Included also are some tips for teachers when working with Hmong students and families.”

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

  • (From http://www.learnabouthmong.org/ and from “Attrition of Hmong Students in Teacher
    Education Programs” by Root, Rudawski, Taylor, and Rochon in Bilingual Research Journal,
    27:1 Spring 2003)

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

  • From University of San Diego resource site for teachers and tutors of ESL students.

    tags: ell ESL Hmong

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