E-flections of an Educator

A Good Defense Needs a Great Offense

Posted on: June 27, 2009

This past week I attended a dissertation defense for the first time. We are told it’s a good idea to observe at least one before your own. The defense I attended was the first of our 8-member cohort to complete this long and arduos journey, and most of the other members of the group were there as well.

I never thought I would be the first in our group to finish, so no disappointment there. The second member of the cohort should be done by the end of summer. I’m the only other person even in the dissertation phase; the remainder are still working on their comprehensive exams. So, I very possibly could be third! Not that it’s a race, mind you. But somehow it motivates me a little bit that I could “medal” amongst this group of wicked-smart people.

Aside from the moral support, I attended to motivate myself as well.  I am determined to graduate in May of 2010! I have my data, I have my goal, I have two months of summer. So having attended a defense, I need to go on offense, and “Git ‘er done!”

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